Getting the Title Right

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If you’ve got more complicated stuff to say in your book’s title, that’s what your subtitle is for. It should be easy to read and remember; and if you can get alliteration in there that’s good. The book for example. Of course as well grabbing attention, it must speak to your target market. It’s no good having a great catchy title that doesn’t tell anybody what the book is about. It’s got to be able to speak to the people who are likely to buy it and get them … grab their attention long enough for them to start looking at it and get to click on your thumbnail.
Ideally you’ve got to speak to your target market and you want some, you want it to be exciting or controversial or make some big promise. If it’s a hard too book, how they are going to avoid pain or the promise of pleasure. If it’s a fiction book, the entertainment that you are going to get is the pleasure part. Again for that reason you want it to be an exciting or controversial title. Here is the bottom line, without a good title, you are not going to get a click on the thumbnail. Without that click, you’ve lost sale, they’ll click on somebody else’s book and that’s the person who is going to make the money. Great attention grabbing title and then here is where your subtitle comes in.
This is a chance to include more keywords like I already said. It’s a chance to build on any promise or benefit you’ve outlined in the title. Tell them what pain they’ll avoid and if you are writing fiction, then again tell them something you can still include a subtitle. Tell them something, give them a little cliffhanger about the book, something to get them clicking on that thumbnail so they want to read about the description, find about it a little bit more. We are just trying to earn that click at this point in time. Incorporate the words you and your, is a good way of making it seem you are speaking more directly to your prospective buyer.
A chance to further explain what the book is about. If it’s nonfiction, great thing to do is tell people a little bit about how the book works for example the six steps system for X, Y, Z. People like the idea that there is a system a set of steps that they can follow. If it’s a fiction book, here is a great thing too to boost sales and excuse me while I have some more water. If you tell people that your book is part of a series or a trilogy assuming that’s true obviously. Let me give you the example, if you’ve got somebody is looking at two books they like them both. One of them is part of a series and one of them is not. They are going to buy the one that’s part of a series.

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