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Book Distribution 25 August 2013 | Comments Off

What you Need to Know about Book Sales Channels

Almost all self-publishing firms will be able to get your book into the distribution chains and main sales channels. The questions are, which ones, and how much. Depending on who you work with, your book may have access to everything under the sun, or they may only offer relationships with specific distribution outlets. Ingram and Baker & Taylor are by far the biggest wholesalers for book distribution in brick-and-mortar bookstores., on the other hand, is likely the most important choice for the self-published author, because 80% or more of your book sales will be generated there. Ask any self-published author and they’ll confirm those numbers. It’s why there are so many books written and blog articles published on Amazon rankings and promoting a book on Amazon.

Not all self-publishing companies offer the same things in their packages. A company with excellent distribution may pay low royalties, or vice versa. If you have to choose, always pick the one with the best sales—rather than the best distribution. Your royalty payments are dependent on sales—not distribution.

Five things you’ll need to get into the sales channels:

  • A book cover design (I recommend when it comes time to make a book cover.)
  • ISBN for the back of the book
  • Bar Code for scanning at the checkout
  • The major wholesalers—mainly Ingram and Baker & Taylor
  • Complete book registration with E-tailers and booksellers like